Thursday, March 5, 2009

3/5/09 Meatloaf!

I am so full right now I don't know if I can write this, but I will try my best.

Today I made a Rachael Ray meatloaf:

According to the recipe, it makes enough for two meatloafs, two sauces, etc. That is because the recipe is intended to cook enough for leftovers you can use to make another Rachael Ray recipe. I didn't want to do that, so I halved the recipe for the stuffing, meatloaf, and the sauce. I made all of the potatoes and green beans.

I did some interesting things with this recipe, which made me nervous at first, but everything turned out ok...I was out of celery so I used leftover fennel stalks. This added a bit more taste to the meatloaf. I also used beef broth in my sauce instead of chicken broth, which also added more taste. I seasoned my green beans with a touch of herbs, feel free to add something to yours if you want to or just eat them plain.

Whoever wrote this recipe forgot to include the directions on how to finish the potatoes. You might want to cook the scallions before putting them into the mashed mixture of potatoes, milk, and sour cream.

They also say this recipe is for four people...that is crazy. I HALVED the recipe, and I still had enough meat to make 3 huge mini-loaves. My husband and I both ate an entire mini-loaf (or tried to), and I had one left over. So I would say this could feed six if you made the entire recipe. (however, there is no need to make all of the sauce unless you plan on using it all)

This recipe is a keeper! I will have to try the leftover recipe next time.

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