Sunday, February 15, 2009

2/14/09 Indian Chicken

So after yesterday I decided to try ANOTHER Rachael Ray recipe...I am addicted to her website and don't mind saying so. Also, I thought the recipe for Indian Spiced Meat with Curried Potato Salad and Creamed Spinach might be a spicy little meal for Valentine's Day.
Here is the link to the recipe:
OK so what did I change about this recipe? Mainly how it was prepared...I rearranged the recipe just a tad. I cooked my potatoes first because I am notorious for undercooking things when I don't prepare. That gave me time to make the spice for the need to buy an expensive spice grinder, we use a Kroger brand coffee grinder. While the chicken was sitting I made the spinach as directed and the potato salad. This allowed me to use the same skillet for all three things, I simply wiped it out twice.
I was a little disappointed with the chicken. After cooking as the recipe directed, it was browned/blackened on the outside, but not cooked on the inside at all. So my husband put them in the microwave for one minute to finish them off.
I was also disappointed with the curry paste that my husband bought at the store. You know...the mysterious food item on your list in a foreign language you can't read. Well the kind we used tasted like it might have had seafood in it, which really didn't go well with the meal. So make sure you use a red curry paste, not a brown one.
To save money on the recipe I substituted mango salsa, which I already had for the chutney...not Indian at all but it worked.
My husband gives this recipe a thumbs up, I give it an ok. I enjoyed the vegetbles but skipped the chicken.

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