Thursday, April 9, 2009

4/3 Disaster Dinner

I am mainly posting this to solicit help from my cousins. I would rather not even talk about it lol, but I guess we all have a meal that was a total failure.
I grew up eating fried catfish and hush puppies because my parents had a lake in their back yard. My uncle and family also had a lake. I don't know the recipes they used, but they were always good.
I tried to make a healthy version of catfish, baked and stuffed. It was SO BAD, and the hush puppies were even worse. We threw all of it out, I felt so bad.
So please help Catherine, I need the family recipes!


  1. Honey, there is no recipe for fried catfish and hushpuppies in our family. The basic premise drink a lot of beer and things just work themselves out. :)

    Here's what I can tell you about catfish. If you aren't going to fry it, just don't bother. Seriously. Go with tilapia or orange roughy if you want to bake or saute. Swordfish, Mahi-mahi, or tuna on the grill. We are eating fish 2-3 times a week and I have a lot of good fish recipes if you want to try something different. I have a cod recipe up on my blog right now.

    But if you are going to fry catfish: Use peanut oil. Nothing else works as well. Make sure your oil is hot enough before you begin frying. The great thing about peanut oil is that it has a high smoke temp--it's hard to overheat it. Pat your fish dry and bread with cornmeal, salt & pepper. That's it. Fry until golden. If you are cooking in the house, using a FryDaddy or other electric deep fryer is your best bet. You can cook in skillet or Dutch oven on stove top, but it's incredibly messy and your house will stink like grease for days.

    Hushpuppies. Again. Simple is best. Your basic batter is corn meal, pepper, onions, egg and milk. Your dad and mine used to put beer in them but only when Mama and Aunt Linda didn't stop them. Some people like the flavor, but the beer makes them fall apart. Mama has recently been using green onions in her hushpuppies and I like this a lot, but I'm not a huge onion fan. You want a moist batter. Your batter should thick enough to shape up in a ball on your spoon. Dollop out by teaspoons in your hot oil. Bigger is not better, keep them small.

    Hope this helps!

  2. I didn't post it but the recipe I used for the hush puppies just sucked I guess.